Maximize the results of your farm with Voltunes!

Voltunes applies the latest technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and many more to help you improve the production efficiency of your farm. Wireless base unit and sensors operate more than 2 months without charging to save electricity and internet consumption.

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Available Features

Voltunes-provided Features

Multisensor System

Single device that records inputs from multiple sensors such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, CO2, and ammonia

Realtime Monitoring

Easily access your farm’s sensors data anywhere and anytime using the Voltunes app

Production Analytics

Perform comparative analysis of livestock growth, cage requirements, harvesting system, and production costs at per farm granularity

Power Management

Allocate power resources with various tools to accomplish daily farm requirement based on company target

Available Sectors

Voltunes is actively involved in developing smart farm ecosystem in Indonesia. Various farm categories have become key partners of Voltunes such as


Chicken Farm

Chicken is a popular livestock that is increasingly consumed by people in the world. There exists a large opportunity for increased profitability in the chicken farming industry through optimization of production capabilities and business systems


Cow Farm

Cows are one of the few livestock species marked with a valuable price. Improved productivity and reduced illnesses through farming process improvements therefore bring tremendous value to cattle farmers.


Coming Soon

Voltunes will partner with various livestock sectors soon. Together with partners, Voltunes will try to develop various other livestock lines


Voltunes Gear

Smart gear that is used in farms to capture and deliver sensors data through an App to display real time conditions in the cage

1. Wireless Device

Compact wireless device with easy installation and operation to maximize production processes in the farm

2. High Endurance

Powerful battery and efficient engine make the device last up to 60 days on a single charge

3. Save Energy

Efficient and regular use of engine power make it more efficient in battery and internet consumption

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Voltunes Operating System

Smart applications which support farm management processes by collecting farm data and processing it through custom-made analytic engines supported by machine learning, business intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies

1. Machine Intelligence System

Intelligence technology that is able to detect malfunctions inside the system and take an action according the confirmed standards

2. Production Analytics

Production analysis of livestock growth, cage requirement, harvesting systems, and production costs based on processed farm information

3. Smart Notification

Smart notifications on current conditions of the farm and recommended actions to take

4. Power Management

Manage workforce with information about daily tasks to be completed, distribution tasks with other workers, and evaluation of work results


Experience Voltunes Today!

All features offered by Voltunes can be obtained with easy download via Google Play or the App Store. Try it now and experience the full benefit of Voltunes. Start cultivating better chicken today!


Why choose Voltunes?

Voltunes is actively collaborating with farmers in developing smart farm ecosystems to obtain optimal and sustainable agricultural results

What kind of technologies that Voltunes provides?

Voltunes supports precise requirement of the smart farm ecosystem with the newest technologies, starting from Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence to maximize the performance of our farm partner 

What is the benefit to associate with Voltunes?

Joining Voltunes partnership provides various conveniences in carrying out production process including setting up cage conditions, working process arrangements, production costs, and managing harvests according the business goals

What does collaboration with Voltunes look like?

Voltunes provides opportunities for partners to collaborate in various forms, starting from equipment purchase packages up to partnership packages with an appropriate time period

Will there any training or guidance in using Voltune?

Voltunes premium partners will receive direct guidance from Voltunes mechanic to use tools and applications. In addition, Voltunes partners can get free consultations with Voltunes mechanic if any problems arise

How to join with Voltunes?

Joining Voltunes partnership can be done by contacting Voltunes communication service (Whatsapp or Email) or by contacting us here

What are the requirement to join with Voltunes?

There are no special requirements to join together with Voltunes, we open opportunities to all partners who want collaborate with Voltunes

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